Website Translator

Hi everyone, I’d like to ask if how can other websites create a Language Translator? Do they buy some API’s then reprogram the main code?

I want to create a language translator, is it possible also in PHP?

I would first look at what’s available on open source. See the examples there. Additionally, there may also be some programs that allow you to tweak them to fit your own website.

ahh I see, I saw some translator like google but the styles were cluttered when the translator executes. Do you have any examples?

No examples. Your best bet is to look at some places like git hub and source forge.

Ok sure, no problem. thanks shyflower

actually latex is used to create translator tools.But I don’t know whether you can integrate to a website.Try googling latex.

I’m not much of a programmer, but it would be my guess that you can create a translator tool in several programming languages: Python, perl, C++ and so on.

You are right.I am basically a shell programmer.I don’t have much knowledge of php and other web designing programs.Latex is very easy to code.So,I recommended that.

If you are talking about sites that have automatic translations, something like Google Translate is probably your best bet.

If you are looking to make it so you can internationalize your site, you’ll want to look at implementing something like PO files so you can support multiple languages:

CMSes like Wordpress also have this built-in for their templating (though not for their posts by default).

Hello their, thanks for your best answer, I was looking forward for some translators that can help our site. On the LaTex, I’ve read the introduction that it’s not an editor, I’m not sure if that will helps. Our site was built from wordpress site. I’m looking for a PHP, JQUERY / AJAX form of language that able to translate a certain page, is there something like that you can share to me?

We used a lot of translator for free but it bothers our style soon the page was translated.

I’m not sure if you’ll find any translation software you can embed into your page. Those kind of operations need a rather large database of words and grammar rules to convert languages. It’s doubtful you can find something you can fully download like that, free or paid. =S

Our website is using web translator. I think its possible in PHP to design a web translator.

How does it work? How does it handle the translations? Is it a translator you built yourselves? Or does it use an existing service?

The ability to translate a site is actually rather easy.

It’s the database of language and grammar rules that is the hard part. I would be rather surprised to find out you have a wholly independent script that does that (unless you work for Google or Babelfish =p).

so is possible to program the translator on PHP?

Once again, it’s relatively easy to program.

The problem is the database of words and grammar translations. That’s not something you can make or just buy.

Ah ok, thanks a lot, I hope I can do this. My main option right now is to program it manually using database… since php can do a lot of things.

if you really want a translator google translator is best. But if you want to create as every word can not be translated.
you need to create an extra field for all the thing you want to translate in database is the easy way. And difficult way create a dictionary table and get all the words on it and use fuction on button click to translate.

yeah, that’s a huge project… I want to make more simple like google but I know google has a large database to do it, the first time I used their API, I thought it’s free, every single words I translated it works in the first time, but in the second time, not’s not working anymore because the api key expired immediately, that’s why I’m looking for a reliable open source translator that will translate immediately my site without any hindrance on the styles.