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Hello friends how are you all?i am fine.today i want to know how to learn easily web design?i am very interested to learn web design but don;t know how i can start.anyone tell me please.

You need to start by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. I’d advise getting a good book that will take you through the subjects methodically, such as this one from SitePoint. You could also head over to our sister site, [URL=“https://learnable.com/”]learnable.com, where you’ll find a whole range of courses and books available.

Once you have a good grounding in HTML and CSS, then you can expand to other areas, such as javascript or PHP but you need these two to start with.

Hey, I have learnt HTML and CSS through a few different mediums including Books, Online Tutorials, College courses and Open learning. My next step is to learn javascript and PHP- learnable website looks very good, but is there a trial month that anyone knows of so I can get a feel for it?

You can opt for either a monthly or a yearly subscription - and there’s a 30-day, money-back guarantee. https://learnable.com/join

Ah ok, great thanks for that. Has anyone used it on here, any feedback?

It’s a great site, with tons of great video courses and books. It’s a sister site for SitePoint, so have all their books ready for download.

First of all you have to learn HTML, CSS and then start to learn Photoshop for editing.

Hi i am also here for learnign design… and this is very helpful replies from you all…

Any idea what your goals are at this stage? Are you looking to create website for yourself or others?

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I hear many use Adobe Illustrator instead of photoshop.

There are all sorts of image editors, varying from free to expensive, simple to complicated. For most people, it comes down to whatever you’re most comfortable using. Personally I find that Gimp (free) is perfectly good enough for 99% of what I need, and IrfanView (free and really quick) does what I need 80% of the time.