How to start a forum like

Hello, My Sitepoint friend, Anyone please tell me “How to create a community like this” I mean community like: I tried the Disqus script using My Shared Hosting Cpanel. But I can’t install it because it developed using some other script. Please tell me the requirements that I need to create a community like this.

SitePoint forums are built on Discourse. If you want to know more about it, there is a whole community at

Thanks man I got the idea. Can you tell me from where I can get a free Cloud Hosting account for study purpose?

Is there any free forum sites where you can built your own.

If you’re talking about layout and theme wise, every free forum software already allows that. The thing about web development is that you actually NEED some sort of knowledge in either HTML, CSS, or Javascript if you want to customize your own themes or layouts. That’s if you don’t want to choose a pre-made theme and you want to create your own.

But if you’re talking about the forum software as a whole, it’s impossible because free forum softwares don’t normally create other free forum softwares.

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