What forum software is this for SitePoint now?

Hi - I remember years ago SitePoint may have been on VBulletin, but I have never seen forum software like this before. What is it? I was just looking at an old thread. Is this new platform “Discourse” or “Flarum,” or something else?

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Hi there.

It’s Discourse :slight_smile: . We officially switched in late 2014.

Thanks. Wow, takes some getting used to, but I’m getting the hang of it. Surprised to find a forum platform I was so unfamiliar with.

I’m surprised because it seems just about everyone who ever switches from VB wants to go to XF. I’d be curious to know why this would have been chosen over XF in fact.


Short answer, Sitepoint has a lot of Ruby developers or rather developers with Ruby knowledge, and thus Discourse fits better in their expertise than XF and Flarum.

Well, I’m new here but all I have to say is I really like how discourse runs :smiley:


I just noticed it’s free. Considering it’s free it seems impressive even though it’s a bit of a shock to my system that I’m still trying to get used to. I wonder how well one could monetize it, though. For instance, if you want to have paid ads embedded in posts and such.

Oh wait, oops, it’s not free at all, anything but. In fact it’s rather expensive. Why does it say this on the homepage then:

“Civilized Discussion
Free Open Simple”

If you see anyplace selling the app, do not buy it.
Discourse is free

Thanks for the heads up.

Okay, so if it is free then that’s good, but is it also easy to use the free version?

I guess I got a bit confused over at http://www.discourse.org/. The paid stuff must be for hosting and service, whereas I suppose you can just download and use the software DIY for free. A $100/mo. for “Standard” over there - wow.

And any thoughts on how to monetize it? I may want to give it a try but I’ve never hosted a forum before.

I have to admit, once you get used to this edit window it’s pretty snappy.

I must admit, the more I use this unusual new UI and the more I read over there I’m getting kind of impressed so far.

I see plugins were mentioned, but I don’t see where they are. I hope they have plugins for monetizing.

Well, finding a host is something that would need to be done. Discourse - the company - offers hosting plans.
And there are others that offer hosting, and some that offer to import existing forums into Discourse. But the app can run on any host that meets Discourse’s requirements.

As far as support, as long as the install is a “supported” install I.e. The minimum requirements were met, going to http://meta.discourse.org and asking for help, as far as I have seen there, usually sees timely results - freely given.

The times that help has not been timely is when someone has decided to not follow install instructions and then ran into trouble.

As for plugins, there is an “official” advertisement plugin


Unless it’s the official Discourse website at discourse.org. They do sell hosting that should have the forum pre-installed.

Disregard the above I said. I didn’t read the posts after your post.

Yes they do, there is an official adsense plugin that can place ads between posts/topics, etc.

Best place to find official plugins is

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