How to send dm on tweeter to someone who do not follow you?

I may sound absurd to ask this question but i havent used tweeter much and dont know if there is a way to send direct message to people who do not follow us?I know ppl who follow each other can communicate via dm but is it also possible to send dm to people who only I follow and they are not following me?

As far as I know the person you are trying to direct message has to be following you. The newest layout for Twitter allows you to use the pull down for the user and if you can direct message the user then that option will be available.

The only exception to this rule is some verified accounts which have opted to receive messages from people who they don’t follow. This is common with larger companies who want to allow their customers to send information directly.

How can one verify ones account?

You can’t. Twitter does this on select accounts based on size and notoriety.

ok thanks for guiding me

There are lots of free tools available online that lets you to find out who is following you or who is not following you back. Choose the person who is not following you and send DM. That’s it

been look for this info too. thanks a lot.

that is not possible :slight_smile: as of today

Seems you have not read my question properly or maybe i couldnt push it across it properly.The question is not how to find people who follow or not follow you.Its how to send direct message to someone who do not follow you

It has been answered though. See post #3. But to make it perfectly clear, you can’t! You can’t send DM’s to people who dont follow you.

Yes, TheRaptor, I agree. This question has been asked and – answered again and again.

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