How did i get twitter followers when i didn't accept anyone who follows me?

How the heck did i get twitter followers when i didn’t accept anyone who follows me?! And anyway my account is private and i don’t accept followers but how did i get 2 followers?! I don’t remmember accepting them in my followers request?! Help me please! Is my hacked or something?! Im pretty sure im the only one using it.

Hi blackforevs welcome to the forums.

It might be that Twitter made some changes that affected your account. If you go to your privacy and safety settings, do you see anything that isn’t what you think it should be? My tweets are public so I don’t know how private works, but I do know I get bot followers that stop following me after a while of me not following them back.

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How many people are following the 2 that got accepted?

There could be an auto-follow rule that occurs when different events happen, right?

That must be most probably the accounts from twitter. You can read the term and conditions of twitter, there must be mentioned somewhere. If its not anything like that, you can contact twitter by mailing them for more specific information regarding this.

You might be in the contact lists of those people.

Something similar happened to me. I only recently created a Twitter account. Immediately after creating my account I had a few followers. I recognized some of them as people I had been in contact with before (via email.) Since the follows were virtually instantaneous upon the creation of my account, I can only assume that my email address had been added to the Contact lists of these people and they had linked these lists to their Twitter accounts. Perhaps something similar to what LinkedIn and Facebook do: they suggest uploading my Contacts list or linking access to my Gmail account. That may be one way these sites make their Connection “suggestions.”

Do you recognize these follower? Perhaps follow them back. That would allow you to send them a DM and ask how they know you.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.

But if you’d like to block them from following you, I don’t know how to do that. The Twitter Help section might have this info posted. Or you could set up your account such that all your tweets are protected.

here maybe someone using your account, sometime you may be logged in your account in other place may be you don’t remember, you can change your accounts access. So that other part of the guy cant use it anymore.

You should have to be active on twitter daily basis. Post something unique which peoples didn’t aspect from you. Try to follow peoples who like, retweet and regularly comment on your posts. In a favor you also retweet, like and comment on their post.