Can I stop my twitter account from following people via email request?

Hi folks,
I have a database of over 20,000 site members. I am now implementing a twitter account for the site. As a sample test, I copied 200 email addresses and put them into the twitter interface to inform these users that I am now on twitter. Twitter decided to make my account follow the people that were already on twitter. Is it best that I email my 20,000 people directly to follow me on twitter? I really dont want to be following all those that are already on twitter. Or is there a way for me to stop twitter from making me follow accounts that I send this request to over twitter?

Thanks in advance.

20.000 is a big number. I agree with you that sending a direct email to them “if you have an email list or something similar” would be much better.

Yep! mailing 20,000 people directly!! this is inane… There are some very good and reputed email marketing techniques that you can use. and send very little or few mails daily so that the mails dont get dumped into their SPAM box!