Automatic DM

Is there a free way to send an automated DM in Twitter when someone follows you. I understand that socialoomph do this but that they charge.

Are there free ways? Yes. Should you do this, absolutely not.

Social media, by the very description of the term, requires actual engagement. Automation has no place in that and in the case of auto DMs, the context is just so wrong that it stands out from the very start as a brand doing things all wrong.

Even if it is just a message thanking someone for following you?

If that’s your goal send them a message.

There’s absolutely no benefit in your relationship in automating a welcome… it’s obvious and thus not personal at all. The benefit is only to you in time and that’s thinking about social from the wrong side.

Agreed. Nothing is more irritating then getting some automated bit of spam. I’d rather them not send me anything then to be sent something that a computer created… especially when it’s -social- media. =p

Social Oomph is a free service that allows for automatic DM and follow backs. :slight_smile:

Yes the only problem is that they now charge for the automatic DM :frowning:
I tried but it didn’t seem to work for me.

Are you seriously still thinking about automatic DMs? There’s no upside and many downsides, including losing followers almost immediately – stop trying to automate engagement, it doesn’t work.

I’d side with Ted S on this one. If you’re going to interact with people, it’s best that the message will come directly from you, even if it’s just a simple thank you. What if, by any chance, you receive a DM with a question, and you automate the replies to that with just a thank you, what are they going to think about you?

First there is no Automatic DM software in the marker (so far as I know). I would recommend you to show you actual engagement with your followers. DMs might irritate followers and you will start losing them after a stipulated time. Yes, sending DMs manually would be quite slow but it would give you better results in comparison to automation.

I have not found even a single way for DM twitter followers and followings. Even if there are some ways for automatic DM, it’s a bad practice for marketing. Better engage personally rather than a automatic software.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have taken on board your advice and decided to go for the personal approach and dumped the idea of automatic replies. Any of the methods I looked at seemed a bit glitchy in any case.

Solved. Thread closed.