How to search the most efficiently on YouTube?

I’d like to find certain people who perform particular jobs in my area.
To find them on YouTube are their any tips for getting the best results?
Do you put in just keywords or keywords + location? Or use parentheses?
Or should I use google to search YouTube?
Can someone tell me what would produce the best results?

There are 4 main ways that you can sort: relevancy, upload date, view count & rating. It seems to me that if you’re looking for jobs in a particular area you ought to be able to just type in the job and the geographic location and search by relevance…unless you’re looking for the most recent or the most popular. I don’t think that parentheses make a difference one way the other. That seems to be as efficient as it gets on youtube. Someone else correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile: Good luck!

You can also use some operator to get more refine result. You can use + sign to include a word in the results & - to exclude, & also INTITLE: operator to ensure that keyword appear in the video title.

If you want only video search then you should try this . Search whatever you want on Google and just click on videos result , as everybody know that Google has takeover the YouTube , so on video search you will get youtube results .