YouTube rankings

What criteria does YouTube go by for results?

  • Does the number of subscribers play in this formula/algo?
  • Is YT able to scour the audio itself for keywords/phrases?
  • Does a strong linked-to site help?
  • Do links from a site to YouTube help?
  • Do sites hosted by YT have a preference over those privately served?

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Does the number of subscribers play in this formula/algo? — You will get the subscribers only when people find your video good and then it will lead to more views which has an impact on subscribers.
Is YT able to scour the audio itself for keywords/phrases? — Here is somewhat which you can add as a description for your video. So, it will directly have an impact.
Does a strong linked-to site help? Yes, this might help. Say if your video is linked up to a website who has 10 Million impressions per day then the chances of getting good visibility will be somewhat 1% of total impressions. This is again depend on how many video’s are getting uploaded on that linked site.
Do links from a site to YouTube help? - Somewhat it can help but not sure fully. Hope someone will suggest you with better response.
Do sites hosted by YT have a preference over those privately served? - Obviously, they will give preferences to them. But this will not lead in better result delivery.

Title and description play the main role.

The searching keywords,strong links to YT, description of video, good titles etc

Put a proper title and description to your videos and ask your friends to rate, like and comment on it. I think it works to get Youtube video ranking in SERPs.

your title to the video and the video too are the main point to get high rank among videos on youtube.
e.g ,
if you have a video title about health and the video is about marketing so what you think about the likes and rank of the video

video’s title and its description is very important. also the number of subscribers and likes it get are also important

I have found that YouTube views increase with

  1. Using SEO in your video descriptions. Try looking for long-tailed keywords and don’t hesitate to write up lengthy descriptions.
  2. Writing interesting titles for your videos. Questions spark curiosity and hence it it would be good to have a question for a title. Just phrase it nicely. Using a keyword here is also helpful.
  3. Taking advantage of the “Annotations” feature provided by YT. You can use this feature to draw attention other videos in your channel and also provide links wherever necessary. Be careful not to overuse this.
  4. Adding a YT widget on your website. This way you can direct your website visitors to your YT channel.

Hope you find these useful


I have a more effective solution, hire some one on or odesk to increase the views of your YT video and order for at least 500 views. The average rate for this job is $5 and after that order for 300 likes which may cost you the same and then your video will be searchable in different categories and by keywords. Optimize your video properly according to your keywords before doing this.

[FONT=Verdana]Solution to what? The OP is asking about the algorithm used to calculate YouTube rankings, not how to try and game the system with meaningless “views” and fake likes.


OK, you need a straight answer, YouTube prefer the number of views as well as likes and subscribers to show a video on the front page. However, in order to make a video searchable through keywords then still a video need at least 100 views and proper optimization.

as always, try to seo your video, keywords in description, title, etc.
what helped me most to rank videos not only in youtube but also in google: backlinks!
views and and comments are included in their algo too afaik.

Do links from a site to YouTube help? Yes this help you but 2 different way.

  1. You get more views and this will lead you to add a adsense ads to your video and hope there will be some earning from youtube.
    2.If you link to your video link from many different site it will also kind of backlink but this backlink will help you 2 ways a. Increase your video popularity and B. If you add your site address at the end of your video you will get more response and visitor for your site and also increase your channel popularity.

Few Tips to increase Youtube viewers are:

Create Titles, Description and Keyword for your video
Do Comment on Other Videos With a Linkback
Video Time Duration(should not be much longer)
Choose Suitable Time To Upload Your Videos
Create Better Quality Engaging Videos
Make Your Videos Viral
Share your video through other social networking websites

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