How to promote blog through facebook

Hi friends,

I would like to ask should I use my facebook account for my blog or to create a facebook fan page ?

Do you have content to share and the resources to engage around a topic enough to foster a discussion?

If your own account is personal account (I mean you are suing this account for personal networking)…
Create a seperate account for your blog.
Its better not to merge your personal and professional accounts.

can also create an Ads campaign if you have budget

Be sure that you have enough to update, have enough to be useful and helpful, then you can promote your blog through the facebook. And Zerro D is right, create a separate account.

It’s better to create a fan page for your blog. This is to separate your personal status update and business update. You can add your friends too from your personal account to that page to share with them also. You can have a photo contest or caption contest that whoever has more likes wins. But make sure before they like it, they must like your page first.

Create a fan page, also add social media buttons on your blog so your readers can share your content with their friends.

yes you can create a fan page for yur blog for a wrthy sharing of yur blog post in Facebook.

Submit your Blog Link on your Facebook Profile, Build pages and like buttons for your blog, Create Facebook page as your Landing page

You can use networkedBlogs a facebook app to share you blog posts on facebook and interact with other related blogs to have a strong communication and community.

I would recommend not using your personal page as your blog page. Create a new page (rather than profile) for you blog. You can link on your personal page, of course. Then just integrate your blog with FB likes and linking. There are sites online that you can submit your page to to help increase fans etc, but you can really do a pretty good job just by yourself.

Spread the word, like other pages of a similar nature and create your own circle in which you gain more fans through the pages you “like”.

i would like to suggest you create a separate face book fan page promote your blog on it with relevant and fresh content also make the face book button on your by which people can share and like your post through your blog.

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