does this really help to promote your site?

Yes and no. It depends on how you’re using it and what your goals are.

Facebook is primarily a consumer to consumer network so there really isn’t much place for a business on Facebook, despite their best efforts.

For instance, I promote my personal blog on Facebook and have tremendous success. However, if I tried to talk about my SEO services on Facebook it would pretty much get nowhere. It’s not the right audience.

You’ll need to determine who your audience is and then see if that audience is friends with you on Facebook to answer this question.

Hyperbolik, pretty much got that one right on the money, I endorse his answer…

I beg to differ. Facebook can be utilized for both consumer and non-consumer promotions. IF you have a forum, for example, offer a contest that’s something along the lines of “3000 fans for mywebsite’s fan page and I’ll give everyone a new guide” or something.

The point is you just have to be a bit creative about how you do it.

Creativity helps but the point is that you still need to determine your audience. If you’re target market isn’t on Facebook then it doesn’t matter what contests or creative offers you make, just isn’t going to happen.

The original question, although vague, was if Facebook helps to promote a website. The answer is both a yes and no depending on your audience.

Depends on how well you target people as per their interest, you’ll also need to develop facebook apps and create your own group to get targeted traffic.

Well yes its true I promote by blog thru facebook by creating pages for it and thru fan box.I get a good amount of visitors from facebook.

Its more of an add-on than promotional tool. Think of it as one extra avenue which users can connect and stay up to date with your site. Other examples of such ‘avenues’ are like RSS, Twitter. It may bring in a little traffic, but that’s not really the point.

I find pushy facebook-ers annoying, and have unsubscribed from groups/pages that send many many emails. If you’re going to email people who sign up, tell them somewhere that’s what you’ll be doing.

Facebook only allows you to do a business page in which you have to pay for cost per clicks. Facebook is also Nofollow so backlink is useless. I have signed up with a lot of social sites, so far no traffic at all from any. Well a little from stumbleupon. Some, you are not allowed to promote you own site which makes them useless. You have to get a friend to sign up and bookmark you. Its like a game, ok use these bookmark sites for free, but dont’ bookmark yourself, then you should be paying or their advertising. But its ok if someone else bookmarks you. Doesn’t make sense. I’d rather already pay a small fee to get bookmarked permanently like you do with directories. Professional sites like linkedin or zoominfo, there’s no problem.

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To the best of my knowledge, Facebook doesn’t charge you to have a business page. The only time you’ll be charged on Facebook is for their advertising network.

Take a step back for a minute and think about what you’re calling absurd. You think it’s crazy that you can’t bookmark your own site? If you could bookmark your own site then it wouldn’t fulfill a community service. The entire point of these social bookmarking sites are to share quality content with your peers. Not to generate links for your website.

Well, I did a business page and they deleted it. I was shocked because there was nothing that said you had to pay. When I went back to check it a wee:sick:k later, it was gone and there was a notation at bottom about advertising and doing cpc.

Also Digg and De.lioc.us are no follow now too. I think Mr Wong is.
I don’t understand why they are social network sites if you can’t network. I don’t consider it spam if you are networking yourself and just applying one link.
Everywhere you go there are google ads and banner ads. Any type of advertising can be considered spamming for that case. I can’t go to my internet home page on comcast without seeing a bunch of ads. And the ones with the beaten animals are upsetting me. I have to click off it. Well, that’s spamming I think. I’d like to go to my home internet page and see what I want to see, not ads that are upsetting. But I guess the difference is “if you are paying for it”, it’s not spam, but if it’s free it’s spam. haha

Thank you for the nice welcome. this seems like nice place, unlike some other forums I joined. People are helpful.

I am soooo confused. as usual. :)))) I thought the social bookmarking sites is for everything. I think my site is quality and useful content with background info on the items. I have a whole history page. I’ve had art students on my site and even email me for more info. Lets face it, in order to be seen on the internet (and the purpose of a website is to be seen), you have to market yourself using all techniques cpc, free sources etc etc. ALL the bookmarking sites have bookmark logos they want you to put on your site. It works both ways.

Yes facebook is good place for promoting websites not only websites it is a good place to promote your business, now a days i think facebook turns as a great business hub.

If you’re doing it for your business, make sure you setup a fan page, and not a regular profile. Fan pages can be viewed by anybody whether they have a Facebook account or not.

Where do you sign up on facebook for your business?
you only have 2 choices a personal page in which you have to list your real name like a personal profile, or a business page in which they now charge. Also it’s in their terms of agreement that you cannot use personal profile to promote a business.

Have a look at this:

You can also set up a fan page from a personal account, you’ll be listed as an administrator though. Fan pages have a few advantages over a normal personal/business profile, such as the ability to create a custom tab that can be reordered to be the defualt landing location.

Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it.

I use facebook as a voucher discount promotional space, any retailers i have worked for are given the opportunity to perdiodically offer discounts and vouchers to my fans.

Works well for both the fans and the people i have associations with elsewhere.