How to promote Accounting Software?

I’m trying a lot to improve the PR and AR of <snip />, the Free Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Software. I have tried bookmarking, blogs, press release, article submission, forums. But no improvement. Could you pls suggest me what i should do further?

Usually these methods bring in traffic and eventually sales…If the conversion ratio is very less, you need to analyze where you are going wrong…

Are you monitoring your website traffic? Where they are coming from and which all pages they visit? And from which page they leave your website? Some web hosts provide this facility…otherwise you need to opt for a third party service.

After some days you will get a picture or pattern of what is happening when visitors come to your site.

Again you can do small survey to a focus group or reviewing by some experts in the field(it might be expensive).

Hope these will help.

Thank you sunumariam. Ill come back to you after doing the said analysis.

bookmarking, blogs, press release, article submission, forums types sites do not bring too much traffic to your site it just boost your ranking in SERP. and once you got rank on particular keywords then you will get traffic. So do not stop these process.

Hello, Target your keyword and do on-page optimization for your site as well as off-page optimization. change your keywords and titles and see the differences after onpage optimization.

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How to promote Accounting Software?Obviously, with [B]naked chicks.


You can submit it to, software listing sites or directory with niche category :slight_smile: