How to promote a Classifieds Website?

I wish to promote my classifieds website.
What should be my strategies towards promoting it?
Please elaborate on the same.

My website’s URL is: (oops I can’t post it coz I don’t have enough posts yet.)

Thanks in advance.

I ma not sure that there is space for more slasified sites in internet

If you have an unique content maybe you will be successful. Share some more information about this site and we can think what can be done

It lists more than 50 - 60,000 various classifieds which are focussed on Indian cities.
A user can search classifieds by city, state or any category/subcategory with ease.
Anyone can post free classified ads on the website.
They don’t even need to register.

Is it good enough?

If you the money to spend, PPC Adwords is the way to go! I personally think that Adwords is among the best site promotion strategies out there. The results are very immediate.

Yea…thanks a lot for the suggestion.

PPC Adwords is the fast and easy method to promote your traffic.

Give more concentration on organic SERPs which could be good enough for you at the moment.


How do I even search for blogs or forums where they discuss about the classified websites?!

Everytime I enter the classifieds keyword and my screen is stuffed with the results for all the classified websites which I don’t want!

you’ll want to google “do follow blogs” and then search within the do follow blog directories for a blog/forum that discusses classified pages.

nice info for me too thanks for all

You must be having a wonderful experience getting banned and kicked out of forums for putting links in your signature…lol!

First concentrate on encouraging friends to post as much stuff on there before you try to market it…you can get as much traffic as you want now but if visitors don’t think the site is busy then they’ll press the back button.

try adbrites full page ads as low as $1 for 1000 visitors

What has putting ads on my site got to do with promoting it?
I don’t want to put any ads before I get some decent and loyal traffic.
If I get some sort of status for my website, only then I can think of putting ads.

I think he means to use adbrite ads to promote your site on other sites. Not putting them on your own site.

Alright, maybe you’re right. Thanks for the clarification. Your statement makes sense.

Distribute your website into adwords .Then find the organic keyword for your site.Promote that keyword.Yahoo answers will be helpful in this I hope.

Attract people to list their website for free on your classified website.

This question is the same as for any other website in the entire world.

Learn about on page SEO, learn about off-page SEO, build backlinks until you drop from exhaustion. Use Google and READ.