How to promote a Classifieds Website?

when you Google for a list of classified ad sites, there would come out in the SERP of a site with lists of ad sites… you can contact these websites and request that your site be included in this list…

I have opted for making such a website in past. But unfortunately i was not too good with internet and website promotion in those days, so i need to drop that idea.

The best thing to promote a classified website is to provide some free services. I dont know how you are planning to prosper your business. This is what i am telling is if you are looking for some adv or Google adwords to get profits.

Get people something which is away and well advanced than other classified websites like craiglist or backpage are providing.

Try to have a different concept. If you can tell me your website link then i can help you more

Thanks for that suggestion, I will note that down.

Yes my website link is in my signature also with the anchor text “Indian Classifieds

I would try to do word of mouth locally to get people from your area and state to populate. Make flyers , cards, signs and put them everywhere. A good idea is to populate it for a few days with ads and listings from other bigger classifieds sites. If you do this you might want to let the people know that their ads were posted up on your classifieds site.

I am just starting up one of my own also. Do some SEO also, it really does wonders. You won’t get results asap but it takes a little time. Trust me, I did SEO on a site last march when I just got it set up with a new domain and everything. Within 2 months I was getting 5000+ unique’s a day and make an extra couple hundred with Google ad-sense a month. Be sure if you are trying to make money like this to focus on ad placement. Try to blend it in to the site.
I use the ad-sense text banner long ways and blend it in above content and such.

Also, make a twitter and find or create an auto-cross posting program to auto post updates or whatever you like to attract visitors also. But do not spam up your twitter or people will un-follow you.

Also find your niche, and keywords. Do a lot of back-linking and anchor texting. Try to get your links up on a few sites or even a banner. If you have to pay a little bit, do so. And yes, use Google ad-words and test out some keywords to find which ones are the best and then just narrow it down.

I would make a blog for the classifieds also, blogs bring in a lot of traffic if done right. I would use word press and design or find a nice theme. Get some plug-ins for it also. Like all in one SEO , share, related topics, and etc. If you want a list of plug-ins that I use that work for me just ask. Be sure when you post in the blog to use keywords and anchors pointing toward the classifieds page itself.

If you use forums, put a link or promo banner in your sig. (If allowed.)

Join top-sites lists.

I also use myspace for promotion along with my friend adder program. You can get the program for free and myspaceunderground \. / net .
You just do a couple free offers that takes maybe 3 or 4 minutes of your time, No credit card is needed for the offers last time I checked. Then you register and an admin approves your account if the offers were done and you can go in and get access to download the free friend adding software. They got a bunch of other myspace promotion goodies in there too. It’s pretty neat.

If you do use the friend adding software, you can browse friend id’s and grab em. I usually try to target certain groups of people in certain states that i think would go to my site. And then I set it to auto add and auto message and leave them one message saying hi introducing myself and then I just leave a link back to the site. Don’t make the message too spammy though. Be sure you reply and interact with your friends before they add and after they add you.

I hope this has helped.

If anyone needs info on SEO, promotion and everything related, just get at me and I will be more then happy to help.

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I want to also share some classified sites to help newbies to post ads. Classified ads really play an important role in marketing of your products, services and business. You can spread your business, services, and prodects details to allover the world by these classified ads with out paying any thing to these sites.

Following are some classified websites and forums where you can place free ads. Free Classified Ads Free Classified Ads Free Advetising Forums

Following is the link to the page where free list of free classified ads website more than 370 sites.
Huge List of Free Classified Ads Websites

The easiest way is to go to other classifieds that you know have traffic, and introduce yourself as the new kid on the block, i.e. places like Craigslist


these are some of the best classified websites.

Try creating a Fan page in Facebook so you can easily find people who would be interested.

Promoting a classified website will be like normal websites. Normal seo technqiues like blogging, article submission, press releases submissions, dir submissions, community participation and being active on discussion forums like sitepoint will help you promote your classified website