How to promote classifieds site?

Please tell me how do I promote my classifields site

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The basics of promoting a site are the same whatever its nature. I’d suggest you download Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which will give you a good grounding.

You’ll also find a number of helpful threads on the forum here. A good place to start would be All You Need To Know About SEO. If you search the forum, or simply look through the Marketing section, you’ll find plenty of information.

Try to socialize them in some social sites .

Good advice, but exactly how do you do that?

Spread them in social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites let you post classified ads?

Yes you can post it.

If you need my help I can do it for you.

Do you have Skype or g talk id.

You can also submit your site to directory.

Sorry, I currently have neither though I’m working on getting Skype as soon as this snow storm is over.

Can’t you post here/

Directories let you post classified ads?

Yes I can do classifieds

Well then, how?

You have to search genuine sites to add classifieds with high visibility to socialize.

Isn’t every site “genuine”? What’s the difference?

genuine sites = quality sites not every site is genuine some are spam sites

Search Engine Strategies is one way to promote classified site. Linking Strategies is also most easy way to promote site in this method we link our site from other site and get traffic on our site.

And as I said before, this is exactly the same for a classifieds site as for any other.

Unless members have anything to add which is genuinely specific to classified sites, or the OP returns with further questions, this topic is likely to be closed sooner rather than later.

The main difference between classifieds website and normal site is content, classifieds are filled with images and the number of pages and content update frequency is better than normal site. At the same time, in terms of text, other sites will outrank classifieds. You need to focus on optimizing individual listings by adding proper title meta, and alt tags. There should be proper category structure. Also you need to set priority on sitemap. Search engine friendly URL preferred. If possible, encourage users to add unique description about their products, this would be helpful.

How do I distinguish the difference between genuine sites from the spam site?

The OP has not returned and we already have more than enough topics with posts not specific to classified sites.

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