How to prevent column total Count from display on component.html?

I have field total count I need to prevent total Count from display on component.html

I already do it but not working if you can tell me how to do that ?

I display data dynamically on header column and body data with angular 7

I try using filter function below but not working

this._displayreport.GetReportDetailsPaging(this.searchData).subscribe((data: any[]) => {

        this.reportdetailslist = data;
  this.headerCols = Object.keys(data[0]);
  this.contentBody=data.filter(item =>item != data[0].totalCount);




                    <th >
                      <ng-container *ngIf="coln != 'totalCount'">



                    <tr *ngFor="let rep of contentBody">

                      <td *ngFor="let coln of headerCols">



data object represent following data as any

companyName: "Innovasic, Inc."
done: "0"
notImpacted: "0"
notificationDate: "2009-11-12"
offilneURL: ""
onlineURL: "N/A"
pending: "3"
reportDate: "2020-05-07"
revisionID: "272299243"
teamName: "MFG"
totalCount: 79

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