How to display dynamic data and dynamic header on angular 7

How to handle component.html headers and data in case of data and header columns changed every time ?

I work on angular app give it report id then it returned different result depend on report id

so may be if i pass reportid =1 it display

 FinancialId FinancialName FinancialDate   
 1                   cash           12/01/2020

if I pass reportid=2 then it display

InventoryId InventoryName InventoryQty InventoryPrice  
 1                  Stor1                 10                50

then it return data different and column headers different based on report id

so How to display this data dynamically on html component .


export class DisplayreportService   
constructor(private http : HttpClient) { }   
 GetReportDetailsByReportId(id : string){ return this.http.get<any>('http://localhost:61265/api/report/Getreportdetails/id=' + id) .map(res=>res); } }

on reportdetails.component.ts

reportdetailslist: any[];   constructor(private router: ActivatedRoute, private _displayreport: DisplayreportService) { }    
const paramIndex = window.location.href.indexOf('id=');  
 if (paramIndex > 0) { let param = window.location.href.substring(paramIndex);
 let param1 = param.split('&')[0]; 
  let param2 = param.substr(param.indexOf('=') + 1); this._displayreport.GetReportDetailsByReportId(param2).subscribe((data: any[]) => { this.reportdetailslist = data; });

How to show data on component.html below

<table class="table table-hover" >  
 i dont know table header returned  
 <tr *ngFor="let rep of reportdetailslist">
           idont know columns returned          

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