How to make the most of limited budget for SEO services?

I’ve got only a limited extra budget for my site £30 a month. I already have some for yahoo adwords and also had few articles along the way.
I am very confused however as everyone is claiming to be good at SEO?
How far can a budget of £30 go or how can I use it efficiently.
I do lottery syndicate by the way

You would be better off learning to do it all yourself. Anyone posting in this thread or PMing you would be worthless and a waste of your money.

I always say that you can spend a fortune on SEO and get nothing, spend nothing on SEO and get a lot, and everything in between. I’d listen to logic_earth and use the money to first learn it yourself, then perhaps re-allocate your budget on tools you’ll need to assist your own efforts. Even if you get your head around SEO and you decide it’s no for you, your better understanding of how it all works means you’ll be a million times better equipped to pick a service provider to do it for you.

I agree with the others, you are better learning yourself.
For starters, how do you know the ‘expert’ you pay knows half of what he claims?
How do you know he will use white hat techniques so your site doesnt risk upsetting the search engines?
How do you know if his methods are up to date or outdated?

You can find most, if not all, of what you need here and in another forum I follow, experienced-people (dot) com