Internet Marketing - New Site/Business - Tight Budget

Hi All,

Hope all is well.

I could really use some slight advice, I have a new website which has not had too much of a problem when it comes to getting people to buy products. However, recently, as I’m sure a few of us are aware Google has changed its shopping feature over to a commercial model resulting in traffic being dropped from the store creating a slight problem when it comes to sales and so forth.

The website has been online since the 31st January and is on all the big social networks i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google+ and so on. I have a very small daily budget for a PPC campaign at £6.50 per day - which lasts all of 5 minutes - and I have had some advise with regards to how I can get the most out of the budget I have - which I am slowly getting my head around.

I have a blog - which I update weekly if not daily.

Yet for some reason traffic is incredibly low and I’d like to get some help/advise on how to first of all increase targeted traffic, and also how I can go about increasing sales from the website and if I’m completely honest some good old fashion general e-marketing advise.

Any help would be great.