How to make safe my website adsense add form Fake click

Dear friends, can anyone advise me for the issue. "Someone make a huge fake click in my Adsense, for the reason Google Adsense was block my website. Now what can i do to overcome this problem and how can i make my website safe form the fake click?’

There is nothing you can do.

i guess you should try mailing google about your fake click issue and see if its resolved. and nothing can be done about the huge clicks on google ads. you should probably avoid placing ads unless you have good amount of traffic. only if your site gets goof amount of traffic you can place your ads so that real and fake clicks would mix up with each other easily.

Google can pin point the place of each click like a GPS unlike any other CPC companies. So if you contact them, they would be able to make out and possibly make it right. But I am not sure whether google will respond to every such problem, being a huge entity.

Google do not provide any one with that find of information.