How does detect auto click?

I just know got this type of program (affiliate program) in last week. Let talk about the pay per click program. How do they know whether the click is not done by the publisher. The publisher can click it by his/her self. I know they want to detect unique IP but someone can write a program to auto connect and then auto click it and then auto disconnect it… . How do they know and prevent about it?
one day earn 10US for my country is multiply 3.8 then i can earn $38.If one day earn 20US for my country is multiply 3.8 then i can earn $76 :lol: :eek2: :lol: . Is it easy like this?

Plain and simple, if you are cheating, you WILL get caught. Don’t try to fool the system.

Of cource doing proxy things it is possible. If you do such a thing a I know you are I WILL report you to adsense as I will soon be an advertiser myself. If you do that you are being anti-social and are on a level lower than a hacker.

I’ve reported several sites to Google that we have found that sell or market prorgams to click. One of them called “CaCa”. There are hacks that use dhcp dialup isp’s to change ip’s and do searches and there are hacks that use iframes to load invisible pages that a javascript parses the feed and clicks on the first link (the most expensive) and other tools out there.

Unfortunately i found a hack that does this for adsense as well as goes out and automitically rotates between 5000-10000 open proxies.

On our network we are implementing a random “human” check to advertisers who wish to present someoen with a click here type image to continue.

We are also building a network of honeypots to report fraudulent networks and connections to see if we can design as much of a fraud free network and fraud detecting network as possible.

if you cant find a way to get people clicking on google then why not just try another pay per click advert before you cheat?

its a good thing irony isnt painful, otherwise i’d be in tears by now!

For ALL Joined this topic,
I just want to know whether really got this type of method to earn easy money. Base on your reponses, i know already. The answer is GOT. Thanks. Conclusion, Internet/Computer is no perfect security and prevention. Alot of hole. :wink:

Anybody care to translate that?

hows this? :

For everyone reading this topic :

I just wanted to know if you would tell me an easy way to make quick cash by defrauding an affiliate programme. Based on your responses, I know that the answer is NO YOU WONT. Thanks for your time, but ive come to the conclusion that there isnt a good method to detect all types of fraud, so im going off to try some so I can be rich in my local country, which doesnt take much…

:wink: and also a bit of :frowning:

I think that the gist of what was written is that he is going to try to cheat Google and other simular types of programs, then see how long he can get away with it. Given the state of his local economy and exchange rates, he figures it won’t take much to get rich.

He must live in Canada.

Actually most of the fraud users i get running these programs are in Singapore and Korea - home of mass broadband @ home.

Notorious for open proxies and hacked pc’s and admins who don’t care about securing NT/XP & Linux machines that are full of exploits that people use to do all sorts of stuff.

I was refering to the exchange rate. Where is a sarcastic smilie when you need it :wink:

Speaking of open relay, I have put almost the entire IP range for Korean ISP’s into my spam filters. Ironically enough I do have one Korean client who had to be added to my exemptions.

How ignorant.

Furthermore, he said multiply by 3.8. Last time i checked, the CDN/US exchange rate was way different. :slight_smile:

I knew I could get one of our Northern border friends with that comment. :slight_smile:

BTW Astericks since you are from BC, have you ever been to the Tormented Valley of BC? In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. If not it is near Skagway Alaska. I used to drive tour busses through there on a regular basis as a summer job.

Don’t missunderstand. Sorry about my english. I just wonder “Caca” this type of program can really help ppl click banner and then earn money because i can’t believe it. Furthermore, google pay you just a simple click. It is too easy. Last time my friend said all these affiliate program can not believe one. Thus , i joined this forum to ask you all senior about it.

Based on your responses, I know affiliate program can earn money. That person just need to click it only then the publisher earn 1 cent.How about publisher click?
Every this about computer must got a hole for hacker to attack. Affiliate program also. eg.caca

well that certainly cleared up matters for me

Lol :slight_smile:

Translation #2:
Sorry about my english, please don’t misinterpret my intentions. I was just wondering if programs like CaCa actually can (illegally) make money for webmasters. I couldnt believe it the first time i heard about it! How could google pay you for someone simply clicking a link? My friend told me this, and it was so hard for me to belive, I joined here to ask all you.

From what you say, I gather that affiliate programs will earn money for you. All that a user needs to do is click a link and you earn the webmaster 0.01$ [sic]. What about when the webmaster himself clicks a link?

In closing, my final thoughts are that anything computer related has a hole that an attacker can exploit. Including affiliate programs.

yes, just clicking a link can earn you money… not just .01$ per click though
yes, Caca will exploit it… but you DO get caught and removed from the program
google pays for a simple click because the people who advertise only need google to get users onto their sites. The site then sells the product with it’s own methods.
if a webmaster clicks the link himself, this is in violation of the TOS and will result in him getting kicked out of the program
and finaly, not just computer related things have holes to be exploited. This is apparent in all forms of life. There will always be people exploiting those holes, and people trying to fill them in. The only problem is if you take dirt from one spot to fill a hole in annother spot, your really just digging a new hole, some one just has to find it.

and to keep with the friendly .ca vs .us battle we have going on here, let me quote a great man:

“grow your own dope: plant an american”
-a great man

If you try to cheat any affiliate program (pay per click, pay per lead, sale, per signup, cpm…) or traffic trading site like toplists you’ll get caught.

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Good translation by the way. Next time I get feedback from my chemistry site from American high school students, I’ll send it your way for translation.