How to Make Blogger blog a Webpage On My Website

I would like to make it to make my Blogger blog ( apart of my ecommerce domain (

Altogether, what I would like is for my Blogger blog to appear like this:

Is that possible? My ecommerce website is hosted by Yahoo.

How would I do that? What would I need to change, re-direct, or set up?

And if that’s not possible, I would at least like to make my blogger blog a SUBdomain of my current ecommerce domain:

You could download wordpress, install it, and somehow import your old posts.

I am looking todo the same thing, wordpress is not an option as my site is in Java / JSP 2.1 :frowning: Any other suggestions? I’ve been lookking around for hours with no joy.

Can you iframe but that looks messy :frowning:

Cheers Sion