Blogger integration options - website subfolder

Good day everyone,

I understand this might be an outdated topic. After Google stopped FTP support for Blogger, I heard it’s no longer possible to point Blogger to website subdirectory e.g.

The reason I am asking is that I was using Ian Lloyd’s Build You Website The Right Way where Blogger thru FTP was nicely explained.

I understand many people favour Wordpress but I just wanted to double check if I have any option with Blogger for and then customize/integrate template code into /blog.html

Thank you

I’m interested in an answer as well. I was just going to use the same book to set up an integrated blog until I read the FTP support is no longer there.

Have seen assorted posting referencing i-frames and sub domains but don’t have load of time to research and would prefer to see some clearly explained examples like Ian Lloyd had in the book.

blogger don’t support that and they use now a Custom Domain Blog, please read This : Link it’s from the offcial blogger team and follow the steps…

Thanks for the tip, though I went ahead and installed the WordPress blog through my hosting site. Now I’m having to slog through tutorials on how to modify themes to make it blend with my web site. Things are never as simple as they first appear (or should be, imho).

i agree with you but just with some patience you would make it :wink: