How to convert blogspot blog into my own domain?


I am having a make money online blog in blogspot. Now I am getting good number of visitors. So I do want to change it from the into any other domain of my own. Will anybody care to share how to proceed?

yes of course I can help you in this matter. Just register your domain at the website and then accept google apps, they will show you how to follow further.

A very easy way is via GoDaddy.

They have free URL forwarding that’s as easy as typing in your web site address. Just purchase a domain name from them, set up your URL forwarding to your blogspot address, and you’re all set.

Sign up using Blogger. Google has partnered with enom and godaddy, you get free private registration and your google apps will be automatically configured to use with your domain.

Login to your blogger account, Goto Settings –> Publishing –> follow instructions to switch to custom domain and sign up using godaddy or enom.

Interesting. So you don’t recommend to migrate the Blog from the Blogspot platform to a hosted domain with Wordpress, but rather just to point the Blogspot to the Domain?? Why not setup a separate domain, with Wordpress, and migrate the posts and links? Thanks.

That is individual choice. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With Blogger, you don’t pay for hosting and don’t have to spend time on admin, setup and hosting related tasks. But you have limited customization options. But whichever way you go, It is better to buy domain using blogger and then move to wordpress, if needed. More on Domain Name Registration.

Buy a godaddy domain name and then follow the steps here:

You can make Google Blogger use your own domain (with blogspot hosting) or use your own domain with your own hosting, just go to publishing settings in your Blogger Dashboard.

but won’t all the inbound links pointing to the old blog no longer pass pr?