How to make an external template to work in wordpress


I have a PHP template. This is my template

Now, I want it to include this code and make it work into my theme.

Have you looked at



thanks for replying back. I am actually a newbie. So, don’t know much.

Can I please have simplified answer. Thanks again.

I’m not sure there is a simplified answer. Creating a WordPress theme requires a degree of work, and understanding what you are doing.

Do you already have a theme that you are using, and you want to add this template?

If you add this file to your theme folder (name it something like page-musicplayer.php), you should be able to see the template name under templates in your page edit screen and select it for whichever page you want to use it on.

Having said that, this may not work with a bought theme (and you really shouldn’t mess with a ready-made theme - you’re better off doing this in a child theme for your theme).

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