How to implement my custom development multiple page work into Wordpress?

I am developed a custom PHP page with filters, addto cart module, music playlist everything. How can i implement it into WordPress? I am a newbie, any help thanks.

My custom PHP work directory structure :

location : public_html/my_work

website URL :

Everything working good, but my wordpress heaer and footer missing, thats what i am asking to how to implement my custom development multiple PHP page work into Wordpress.

404 :unamused:

Please check, the page is’nt there.

In order to use static pages in WordPress, you need to turn them into templates and make them part of a theme. WordPress has its own way of doing things and you need to use the right tags and functions in order to make things work. You can find an example of how to do that for HTML pages here:

The post explains the basics of “WordPressifying” your work. From there, should be able to figure out how to do the same for your PHP pages. Let me know if you have any questions!


thank you.

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Its just dummy url, i just want to show my url like this.

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