Struggling to Implement PHP in Wordpress Template

I’m awful at following installation/anything web related unless it’s hyper specific
I’m trying to install this plugin:

I’m struggling with steps 3 and 4:

  1. Put < ?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/coin-slider-4-wp/coinslider.php’ ); ?> in your template
    Where am I meant to put this? What exactly is the ‘template’?

  2. For each post that you want to be featured you must have custom field (csImage by default) with full url to image and optionaly field (csText by default) with text for title bar.
    I’m not up to this part yet but do not understand this either.

Any help will be much appreciated

Well template is template or theme you use for your website. In wordpress plugins are located in wp-content/plugins/ and theme is in wp-content/themes . For step 3 you need to copy and paste this code in your theme where you want to show slider. For example wordpress come with default theme twentyeleven which is located in wp-content/themes/twentyeleven. If you want to put slider there open index.php and paste this code in <div class=“entry-content”> area. For step 4 i don’t understand ill have to read about plugin to see. You need to have some knowledge in php and wordpress to know how to setup things.