How to make a .gif transparent

I’m trying to learn how to develop simple emails. I bought Patterson’s book on HTML emails. I have inserted a *.gif into a header - what in-line coding do I have to use to make it transparent?

I recommend using Paint.Net (a free download). It’s a wonderful program with advanced features, plus it’s fairly easy to use. Go to the tutorials or forums to learn how to easily make an image transparent.

You can’t do it that way. You need to make it transparent in whatever image editor you use. In Photoshop, when you save for the web, you choose to make the image transparent.

What image editor are you using?

You can make gif file with the help of Photoshop, Hide background layer, and go to file tab and click on save for web, after that select gif option from right side, and save your file on your desire location.

You should be able to click or move to that layer and then paste or insert the image onto the selected layer? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your responses. I got and made the background transparent. Now I’m trying to understand more of’s features. For example, how do you place an image on a new layer?

Unless of course by transparent you want opacity (so to make it see through either on a temporary or permanent basis). Is that what you’re after?

If you want the GIF itself to have a transparent background, Ralph is entirely correct. :slight_smile: