Blending transparent gif to background?

I am creating buttons in Photoshop. I am creating the background as a gradient and using that as a background image. I’m going to use that buttons even times as the background image. Then I want to export the title of the buttons as a transparent gif and put them on top of each buttons. How do I export that transparent gif to make it blend to the background image? In other words, what export functions do I choose?

I assume you mean you want to create and Select Layers? If you are using GIF as the final output you are limiting yourself to a maximum of 256 colours. You can select the Layers and either copy them or drag them rather than exporting unless you mean you are working with different formats. There are probably better ways to do it though.

You are very unclear in your description :slight_smile:

Do you mean navigation buttons? If so, the better way to do what I think you might be asking is putting the text on top of the background with CSS. No images at all. You can put borders around the text if you wish. Then the viewer can enlarge or reduce the text to their liking.

You mean you have your navigation text as graphics with a transparent background and want these to blend in nicely with your bg?

If that’s what you mean then the easiest to do so is by using PNG-24 format. However, this method won’t work in < IE7. There are ways around it, like using a transparency fix for IE.

If you’re using PNG-8 or GIF, then the only method to get a decent blending betweeen foreground (text graphics) and background is by applying a 1px stroke to your text graphics and choosing a colour closest to the background.