Photoshop and GIF transparency showing white edge


I have created images in photohop and set them to have transparent sections. When I view them on black or colored backgrounds they show a white out line on the edge of the transperant portion.

How do I avoid that?

do you have an image that we can see? otherwise, i’m thinking that you have to set the matte color to the color of the background color.

For example, when you “save for web” in the File tab, you’ll see the ‘matte’ option box. set that color to the color of the background color.

i think you must remove it smartly by the eraser tool.
i think the problem you are talking about is the one problem of the photoshop that i have faced also.
i hate this

You remove it by using cropping tool or use feather option.

I have the image across 2 different colors so I can’t just fill the background with another color. What I did was pretty close to