How To Learn Graphic Design?

I want to learn graphic design in the world of internet. is there any website or blog to learn graphic design. please anyone tell me the name of website or blog that is helpfull and learn graphic design easily
kindly help me, How To Learn Graphic design in online

Hi, I taught myself graphic design mostly through looking up “photoshop tutorials” - has some good quality stuff. Or entering online competitions such as that found at [URL=“”] or [URL=“”] it’s still running) - It’s a great way to learn and see how other people handle the same brief and if you get good enough you get some bonus cash.

Besides that I would say is the best resource out there for learning software such as photoshop or illustrator if you’re willing to fork out a few dollars.

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greet that you decide to start create graphic design.
I agree RyanKing1809 that the best way to learn graphic design is looking up tutorials and I think that is the best site for that.

wish you luck :slight_smile:

helpfull link to learn online graphics Design. many many thx for good link is also very good site for learning Graphic Design online ,Thank you so much

hi, i also agree with RyanKing1809 that if you want to learn more about graphic designing is by going to the internet, search and learn from it.

I’d also add in Before and After Magazine. They have some excellent tutorials that explain their design process and the reason for decisions. The benefit is that they also list all the design components they use (colour swatches, fonts, dimensions etc). Haven’t seen them for a while as they’re orientated more towards those learning the craft.

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There are lots of online tutorial available on internet (Just Google it) but graphics designing is a vast field which needs lots of practical knowledge. I must say you should go for any reputed institute in your region and get trained from there. You can improve your skills by learning new things from internet.

There are a lot of great resources already listed here. I would suggest learning by watching some video tutorials, its always easier and faster to learn via watching video. If you feel like watching a few design related documentaries however I suggest you check out Helvetica (2007) or Art & Copy (2009) both are great.

Grab a laptop>> Install Photosop>>Open Up Youtube>>Start Learning What you want … or here are some sites that are really helpful if all easy step by step process all tutorials related to photoshop … best of luck mate :slight_smile:

You can learn graphics designing at ‘’.

Hi, I learn photoshop via this website Video tutorial is the best way to learn graphic designing. Just give plenty of time and a dedication to learn, eventually you will be a good graphics designer someday

You won’t learn graphic design by Photoshop tutorials or YouTube videos! You’ll just learn to create pictures with Photoshop - not the same thing. You might search for “design fundamentals.”

Install photoshop, and goto youtube and search for Web designing tutorials, you will get tons of videos there, and also lynda is one of the best choice.

Learning graphic design online from home without spending a fortune is now far more feasible than it was a few years ago. There are several online colleges offering graphic design courses but the problem with a lot of these are they are very expensive if you want to learn graphic desiggn you can go for online tutor also present this time. has a very extensive sistem of video tutorials. Get Photoshop and start playing! Good luck!

Speaking as a graphic designer, I’m with Steven on this one. Most of the links above are good for teaching the practical skills of how to create artwork, which is definitely an important skill that graphic designers need. However, to actually design requires understanding of the elements you’re working with (line and shape, colour and tone, space, scale, type and pictures etc.) and how to use them to fit the purpose for which you’re designing (what’s your brief? who is the end user? what does the design need to achieve?). Think of it this way, if you wanted to be a doctor, it’s not enough to know that this illness requires that antibiotic; it’s important you understand how the body works, how drugs work and how to diagnose an illness in order to choose the right therapy.

So with that in mind, I would agree with the recommendations of Before and After Magazine and add [URL=“”]Creative pro as great resources on the theory of design as this is what will ensure your graphics work. They both have enewsletters that you can sign up to; BA magazine also offers a forum if you purchase a paid subscribe to their magazine which seems to be a really good community of designers that could give you support while you learn the ropes.

If you want to work as a graphic designer, another good blog to follow is Graphic Design Blender which gives great advice on how to run a profitable freelance design business. They talk a lot about finding your niche, which is where the artworking links above come into their own. What kinds of projects do you want to design for? There’s so much out there that could be learnt, make sure you focus on one area at a time so you can really get good at it!

I love Before & After. It makes it look so easy :lol:

I have to say that I did have a look to CreativeEdge which is the site that John McWade (the guy of BA magazine) promotes and that’s a good resource too.

this a great Ida u start graphic design u can search Google then u got lot of tutorial side, may be u will improve you skill

Photoshop, Coreldraw , is enough to be as graphic designer, just put in Google Photoshop tutorials and you will get hundred of sites which present
free tutorials …

good luck