Where did you all learn your graphic design?

How did you learn it? From a university or an art school or self taught?

Endless hours of playing and tutorial websites such as good-tutorials.com.

Learnt in College, then University along with many 100s of hours refining my talents on a PC and now iMac :slight_smile:

laney69er is right. This is a skill you can develop working hard, checking what people like, trends…
Always be yourself and NEVER copy others.

Tutorials and messing around with different programs was how I learned. Makes it more fun when you can create what is in your mind.!

Over the shoulder of my sister while she was learning Graphic Design in school.

Then lots of messing around on my own.

My skill curve really only shot up though when I started doing actual client work in a small ad agency. I think that it was a combo of harsh lessons in being practical when it comes to graphic design (losing the notion of this is “my” design and I’m making art!) and also the environment of being sandwiched between two brilliant other graphic artists who kept giving me suggestions and criticisms all day long.

But I think as a graphic artist, a bunch of general knowledge in all forms of art is a really good thing, because inspiration comes from all the weirdest places, and thinking that one should only look at or read one kind of thing is a good way to stunt one’s artistic growth.

Oh, and Datura. She’s not on Sitepoint much now, but I’ve learnt tonnes from her criticism.

+1 and then i bought wacom intuos tablet and started to draw random shapes and post process it in photoshop.
Although drawing isnt necessary for design it is necessary to create illustrations and simple illustration will be needed for pretty much any project so i consider some hand drawing skills important as well.

I have learned from university.

I taught myself, and from website tutorials.
I’d probably learn some more when I get out of high school and go to a college/university.

I started off learning graphic design at college about 20 years ago, however as soon as you get your first real job is when you really start learning what you need to know. Since then I have learned from people I have worked from at different agencies, from books, websites like sitepoint and online courses. Designers have to know a lot more now than they did when I first started out when the only requirements were knowing how to design for print, but once you get a good grounding and know how to generate ideas and make things look good these can be adapted to new things.

A Graphic designer can learn graphic design from an institute, or refer to online tutorials and article as well and work on real time projects and practice to become a graphic designer. If you want to become a graphic designer then you have to get coaching from well known institute and make a routine practice to improve graphic designing skill and knowledge. You will become an expert as a graphic designer if you start solving online tutorials and update with latest updates and tools.

Originality is tough, almost all design is ‘inspired’ by shapes, colours, textures from the world we’ve already been exposed to. As someone pointed out we learn by imitation, as an infant by copying others till our own skills are good enough. It isn’t until we hit the corporate world when suddenly copying is seen as a bad thing to do. In the end it still happens we borrow influences from everywhere and use them in our design. On the other hand to be truly creative is something to aspire to be. True creativity doesn’t look sideways at what someone else is doing, or has done, it is concerned with what is in front of it.

My own design skills were learnt from those talented individuals around me, from books, from tutorials, magazines, movies, and most importantly - honed by the clients who pick the most hideous places to start from.

I learned everything through online tutorials. A lot of credit goes to sitepoint and its members who kept pushing my level up. I used to participate in the Sitepoint Contests when it was still part of the forums. During that time I came across a lot of awesome designers like malbar designs, logoholik, ulahts etc etc whose work were really inspiring.

I am still learning Graphic Designing and each day learning new elements, techniques and different form of art. Because I believe Graphic Design is such a vast subject it requires years of dedication and passion. But still what ever I have learned are mostly self taught. I have learned basically from reading several good books of Graphic Design, following popular design blogs and forums, online tutorials and lots of practicing. I also think that practicing and experimenting with the design techniques, forms and different software is the only way to learn Graphic Design.

I’m mostly self taught in graphic design. I read a lot of books and blogs on the subject, tried out various tutorials and kept my eyes open whilst out and about. You can gain a lot of looking at posters, advertising, store signs, etc. I also get ideas from going to art galleries and craft fairs. I’ve also picked up a lot of advice from friends who are graphic designers and my students!

I learned my graphic design on high school and I still browse the internet for more ideas.Online tutorials are great!I also learned from my brother who encourage me to do better.

i watchd some tutorials…and exploring…

Tutorials from various web sites is how I learned all of my graphics design. I am still learning today because there are so many techniques and different effects people are inventing everyday.

self taught… sometimes im surfing the internet and watch some tutorials…

self taught… I think that there is no better way to learn it. The institute give you only the basics, all information is chewed. If you want to become a truly professional designer without self-education you will never achieveend that. But this is only my point of view, yours may differ.