Where can i learn graphic design?

Hello, Anybody can tell me , are there any great site available on internet that where can i learn graphic design easily .

There are lots of great online tutorials but if you are just starting out then I would suggest that you find something more structured that starts from the beginning with the basic concepts that have been around since time imemorial such as basic layout, typography, colour theory etc. I would either sign up for a course at the nearest art college or head down to your nearest large bookshop and dig through their graphic design department. Learning graphic design is all about practice too, so grab yourself a large pad of paper and some pens and just start playing with basic layouts and you’ll soo start to see what does and doesn’t work.

I would recommend the college option, though it is expensive you will get vital feedback about your design that will stick with you forever.

There are some useful sources on internet to learn about Graphic design even Blogs. But also is important some advices that will be mentioned bellow

Graphic designers must have some skills and talents to adapt the demands of businesses such as : career training, proficiency, expertise and knowledge; all of them you can acquire in a good specialized school. Later, the training will come when you get a job, perhaps as an intern to begin.
Likewise attributes of a person in terms of work ethic, teamwork skills, creative thinking and positive personality traits are needed to be a successful designer

Understand the basic fundamentals of art (like line,shape,texture,scale,etc.) is essential in order to become as a good graphic designer
Develop also the following skills : project management, typography, photography
Knowing about Web Design, Social Networking and Communication will be keys to help you to become a successful designer.

Web design is learned through trying out different procedures. You’ll learn what certain tools do by this.
I always recommend doing as many tutorials as you can and through this process you will learn your own style.

There are many tools you can use to design graphic, one is photoshop. There are huge tutorial available online. Video tutorials are very easy to learn. End your each tutorial by practicing in your own pc. This will help you to run quickly.

You can visit here on this graphic design blog :

You can learn on your own it’s very easy.


There’s classes out there (but then again you can always just go to a local library & learn techniques).

best of luck.