Graphics designing tutorial

Other then is there any other website from where we can learn the various sectors of graphics designing in free of cost. Help will be appreciated.

Graphic Design is a sophisticated discipline that has developed over centuries, and the best way to learn it thoroughly is through a course. If you want to learn it for free, then you’ll need to scratch around and see what you can find ( is not free). There are lots of good books on various aspects of the subject, such as typography, so perhaps head off to your local library and see if that has anything useful. There are websites that provide tips on various aspects, too.

Perhaps read up on all the aspects of graphic design, make a list of all the important skills and find resources on each from wherever you can, such as typography. Good luck.

In Vietnam, the use of the term is quite graphic, by the naming of the term graphic is based on use of its meaning. For example, commercial graphics, drawing stamp graphics, promotional graphics etc … And graphic design really is still a matter of controversy. Some universities still training standpoint decorative graphics as close to the painting, one of the training centers on the use of graphics software graphics are considered part of the school and some private schools again the notion of the West as a graphic and media sectors.

There are plenty of websites and forums, but as the others have said, it depends on what you are looking to achieve.

I have used these:


very usefull website. Thank you :slight_smile:

Lynda (it’s not free), if you wanna learn more rather then the lynda, is perfect , you can search the graphic designing tutorials on youtube. Here following these might be able to achieve your task: