Job postings?

Hi is there a job postings forum?
I need to hire a NYC drupal/php dev and wasn’t sure where to post

All advertising should be done on Flippa Classifieds. That includes advertising for people to work for you, as well as people touting for work!

Thanks Stevie!
Can you send a message to admins because I think SitePoint needs a new partner for classifieds. Right now when I click on the Flippa link you posted I see a message saying

Thanks for stopping by. Flippa Classifieds is no longer accepting new listings, but you can still browse existing classifieds.

Preventing me from possibly hiring one of Sitepoint’s fine forum members and giving them work

Hmmm, odd. This link doesn’t have that message

@HAWK; do you know what’s going on with Flippa?

Here is what I see when I click the link in your first post

I get that too for classifieds.

It looks like they are still active for “buy / sell websites, domains, apps” but have stopped doing classifieds.

Right-o! Thanks !

Hmmmm, let me see what I can find out.