How to make backlinks get indexed quickly by Google?

One of SEO techniques involves the use of backlinks. Today most of the companies are using backlinks to make their website rank top among the search engines.The competition is really huge. I want to know is there any way to make backlinks get indexed faster and quickly?

If there was don’t you think everyone would be using it?

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I’m using Google search console to get indexed my backlink quickly

Remember that Google gives little weight to links which you place yourself (as opposed to those you earn from other sites). Depending on how you create them, and how many you create, you may fall foul of the guidelines on link schemes, and risk your site being penalised.

I have no evidence for this opinion, but my gut instinct is that trying to manipulate Google into recrawling a page as soon as you gain a link will also be seen as suspect behaviour. I would proceed very warily indeed, if you decide to use this approach.


Any backlinks which are of any value to help your ranking would be on someone else’s website, overwhich you have no control. You can only request a crawl of your own pages.


If there was Google would be using it. They currently have under 10% of the web indexed and are falling further and further behind every day.

Means there is none ?

Yes, that’s the general message.

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I think you cannot index the that link which is published other sides, You can only request a crawl of your own pages.

I think it was the guys from socialadr who recently conducted a test with Google crawler and driving traffic from social. Basically they paid to promote some article on their site, increasing the likes etc. and next thing they saw was the googlebot going all over the site, trying to index everything. Could be worth to try it out.

Google makes no secret of the fact that they crawl social media sites, nor of the fact that they monitor trends on them. So if there is suddenly a great flurry of activity discussing a particular article or site, it’s not surprising that Google would pay attention to that.

But even if that works as a method to get Google to crawl your own site (and it seems unnecessarily complex and expensive to me, when you could just use GWT), it doesn’t provide an answer to the question in this topic, which is how to get Google to index backlinks to your site quickly. Unless you’re suggesting a paid campaign to promote every site which gives you a backlink?

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Don’t think there is any particular trick or tactic to get the backlinks indexed. In any case, Google is not reporting ALL the backlinks in analytics, search console or anywhere else for the matter. Your best bet would be to get the links from sites which carry more authority / receive high traffic.


there is no any trick to crawl the another site pages you can only crawled your web pages only…if there is any way indexed any other site pages where we established our site link…I am also interested to know that way…

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Google is indexing them all as fast as it can - currently about 8 new pages get indexed in the same time 10 pages get uploaded.

Reading this I think the question is not “How can I make Google index backlinks faster?” but “How can I make my site reach the first place in the search results page quickly… using backlinks?”

And the asnwer is… you can’t. Or really, there are some methods that could help you short term but the penalties in the medium term don’t make them worth it… and the morality is questionable.

Google always tries to improve their crawling system and they work as hard as they can.

Your work is getting those legit backlinks. That means using social media and creating excellent content so other will want to link to your site.

If you’re in a hurry to get results, use ads to buy some traffic.


You can submit only your website not submit backlink :smile: If one backlink die you will find error in Google web master tools

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Using rapid indexing SEO tool is the quick and easiest way to make your backlinks get indexed by Google. But it is not preferable, because sometimes it will become spam.

Ok ,Now i understand !!

Who said that? Did you try? If not, try it again properly. :laughing:

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@AjitKhodke: you said you use GWT to get backlinks indexed quickly. Several others members have replied that that is not possible, because you can only request Google to crawl your own pages via Webmaster Tool.

If you really know of a method which everybody else has overlooked, then please explain it here for the benefit of all.