Google indexing

How to index my external back link in Google? I am prepare many back link for my web site they are cached but not index.
What i do for indexing my back link.

I don’t understand your question. Where do you expect to find your links indexed? If you mean they’re not all showing up in a search, or in Webmaster Tools, then that’s normal. Google states they only show a “sampling” of links.

Probably he wants to do a lot of backlinks and he is not sure if Google will accept a bunch of that over night and to be sure they will get indexed, he wants to go manual. But he doesn’t think or know the side effects. Too many backlinks can heart a lot more than he might think.

You have to wait about one week backlinks get indexed or you can use some seo tool to get indexed backlinks:,,… are tools I often use.

Hope that helps

How on earth does help in getting backlinks indexed?

I’m still unclear what the OP is asking, so unless they return soon to clarify, this thread will be closed. There is little point in us continuing to guess their meaning.

I would suggest you to start Search Engine submission and instant approval directory submissions first, later you do some press release submission , Bookmarking , Forum postings etc.

You asked elsewhere why your site is not performing well in the SERPs. If these are the techniques you’ve been using to promote it, then I think you have your answer.

Building large numbers of low-quality links will no longer help your site, and may very well hinder it. At best, Google will pay little or no heed to links which you can easily place yourself. Forum posting for backlinks has long been useless. Any decent forum will mark external links “nofollow”, as SitePoint does, and link-dropping is more likely to get you banned for Spamming than have any beneficial effect.

However, the OP was not asking about link-building techniques. The thread is heading off-topic and the OP has never returned, so I’m closing it.