How to get backlink indexed with fast?

I’ve created tons of backlinks in much sites. But after about 3 weeks just few of them has been indexed and give little impact for my keyword rank on Google.
In your experience, how much time Google need to get indexed backlink? And there are some methods to make backlink indexed faster?
Need your advice or your experience!

You submit sitemap sitemap.xml

is it help? then how to do that?

try submitting those pages to social sites.

could take from day to months.

i wont really worry much on this.

Getting back-links indexed is not really something that is easy especially if they profile back-links. It does take time the possibility for your back-links to get indexed may have to do with several factors. Is the page that you have your links is relevant? Does the site has your links are from have high-page rank?

The problem with getting back-links indexed is that, you’ll never get all of them indexed. The indexed rate may be 50-60%.

I would suggest you to create rss feed with those back-links’ url and submit them to rss aggregators.

Hi greatar4, thanks for reply.
I have even thousands profile backlink from high PR site, blog commenting(may less than profile backlink) with not and relevant sites. Also purchased article and submitted to articles directories (ezine, articlesbase, and goarticles)
I’ve tried create rss for my backlink. But I am confused about it, how the right step to create rss for my backlink? I am really new on this field. Please guide me with the detail, many articles about it, but they are not give exact point or detail.
Thanks, Deny.

First of all don’t increase your backlinks in one day or in a week. Increase it gradually on then search engine will give value to those links. To indexed all those page on which you placed your links submit them to social bookmarking site and submit them to some good directories.

You sure? What techniques they are use? Is there any guarantee that I’ll get perfect results with that sevices?

make a rss feed of all your backlinks and then submit it to social bookmarking sites and ping it…that way your link will get indexed much faster…

But I am confused about it, how the right step to create rss for my backlink? I am really new on this field. Please guide me with the detail, many articles about it, but they are not give exact point or detail.
Thanks, Deny.

For creating back link index fast we must follow the followings:-

1. Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website.
2. Submit to search engine directories.
3. Creating an ezine will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence.
4. Creating and publishing articles. Articles are an easy source of generating new traffic.
5. Links from related websites. Gaining links from related websites can be one of the most frustrating tasks you can attempt.
6. Create link wheel for your website.

Your backlink indexeing very much depends on their visibility… Your backlinks must be from reputed websites which frequently get crawled…

If search engines are not responding Pings, you must wait for few days… and let SEs discover your backlinks organically.

backlinks from high pr or websites with good reputation normally get indexed fast

Hi, thanks for reply. Do you read my thread carefully?

Pinging is the best way to index your backlinks faster. You can ping them with pingomatic or ping farm. Otherwise try to bookmark your site on popular social bookmarking sites where your site will be crawled faster.

Sorry, it takes me so long to post you a reply. If you want to create Rss feed with your back-links there are many sites that you can make used of. Here is one that you can use. All you have to do is to input all your back-links url, add a title, and a description to that feed.

Links 2 RSS - Convert a list of URLs to RSS feeds

Backlinks usually take tome to get indexed. I personally think its best to leave backlinks to get indexed naturally. However, if you want them to be indexed faster, always ping the pages you have backlinks on, whether its a comment on a blog, a forum post, an artcile on an artcile directory, your site listed on a web directory or anywhere else you build a backlink.

Submit your site to high pr sites. Google crawl high pr sites early than other sites.

create baclinks on athority sites Then Bookmark the Baclinks pages create rss of each link Then use to mix all the rss to create a single Rss then Submit rss to rss Directories also Ping your all backlinks then your backlinks will be indexed Quickly