How to increase Page Rank?

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    My question is how to increase page rank on Google ?

It is only updated once per year according to the latest from Matt Cutts of Google. It is also something Google may not be using much in the future. There really is no clear answer except to say that if you have some high quality links from high pagerank sites, it could help.

To increase the page rank u will have to do some SEO…The two SEO techniques are required i.e. on page SEO and offpage SEO to get your page on Google…

To increase page rank in google you should focus on rich content and rich tags, On page SEO, Backlinks, create a sitesmap, robots.txt sitemaps, create superior products and services and target right keywords will help you in increasing page rank in google.

Just by building more and more back links you can improve your website page rank. for this you can do on page and off page SEO strategy.

Page rank was considered to be one of the prominent factors by Google and that the websites were promoted to most of the websites to drive back the quantified link juice. Visibly the PR has been updated nearly once or couple of times a year. With the latest updates by the search engines and considering it, Matt Cutts has stated in one of his posts that Page rank is not to be considered as a significant aspects as-like the former days.

Instead, the websites that are focused to drive in a high quality links (including the quantity) from high profiles, websites and so would probably hold the higher positions in search engine results.

Having so, you may better try enhancing your website’s traffic having a better content that is optimized far better than other websites & social promotion too.

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Page Rang are updated maybe one time in half year so maybe you will be interesting about mozRank ->

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Increasing page rank is not one or two day activity. It needs lots of hard work. you can follow below process to get your page rank higher.

  1. Write unique and quality content.
  2. submit your posts to social bookmarking site and directories.
  3. Register your website to google webmasters and link your website.
  4. Don’t copy others article, write your own article with quality content.
    5). write eye catching post title to increase lots of visitors to your blog.

I wonder for how long the PageRank will exist… Matt Cutt’s clearly defined they won’t update it this year… and maybe it will be never updated… so it will be gone :open_mouth: i wonder how that will be…

To improve page rank doing SEO conpect like
1)on page
2)off page
On page is thing but selecting good content ,good keyword,and place a keyword at proper place place major role.
Off page is thing but link building and increasing link popularity by summiting in a high ranking directory website.line exchange

In my experience page rank is an old metric that is no longer used by Google to determine SERP rank, so you might wanna reconsider focusing on other SEO factors

Google says that Page Rank is not very important for your ranking in Google search results. You increase Page Rank (named after Larry Page) by increasing incoming links.