How to increase our site traffic with SMO?

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The question is about using social media to drive traffic to a website, and I’m not clear how your suggestions would do that. Could you elaborate please?

Of course. What I mean if someone could provide some meaningful posts about the content on their website, that will naturally make people want to visit the website to see more. I’ve read that on some article before.

Thank you, I’m a beginner myself and I hope to learn from joining here and add some value.


Post creative and interesting content on social psges.
Create communities to talk more and spread your page posts.
linked-up your social networks with each other for tyring posting benefits
Stay Active on Forums and Blogs to spreads your words.

SMO needs time devotion for best results.

Here are some advices that I found might help you:

  1. Content is important. So publish original and relevant content on a regular basis on your social media campaigns. Share the best content as per your buyer personas
  2. Research the keywords that you desire to target and place them in your posts or articles. Share them on your social profile so that more visitors can see it.
  3. Embed the social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (use minimum) in your website that can help you with increasing your traffic.
  4. Build links through social sharing that helps your links to get indexed by the search engines. This not only helps to improve your SEO, but also improves your quality scores.

@webuser: please give the source of this information.

  1. Post good stuff, gradually increase traffic.
  2. Join Facebook Groups, Google Communites, and post your stuffs regularly these are instant traffic. Groups are better than pages to bring traffic in my experience.
  3. Twitter: Join the trend of hashtags, post content get traffic. However I find twitter traffic is sometimes tough to garner. You can also use follow and DM trick as well.

There are many ways,

  1. Post quality content.
  2. Create polls for user engagement.
  3. Use trending hashtags.
  4. add links in your post for quality backlink.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) now a days is the main factor for driving unique traffic for the websites. However, always try to use unique and legitimate content to the other social media sites. This will help you better.

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Sorry, but no. Firstly, links which you place yourself are not considered “quality” and may fall foul of Google’s guidelines on link schemes. Secondly, most social media sites follow Google’s guidelines on user-generated content and mark such links nofollow, rendering them useless as backlinks.

Such links may well be useful for traffic - which is the topic of this thread - but not as backlinks.

There are so many ways to get traffic from Social Media. You can post good video, infographics, images, content, question answers etc. These will help to get traffic from SMO. You can also use tag in FB and Twitter.

To all posters:

Please do not simply add lists of possible tasks, which are of no help to a newcomer. Instead, please choose the one or two activities you feel are most useful, and take time to explain how to carry these out to best advantage.

Posts with insufficient detail may be removed as “fluff”.

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Yes, one of the most important issues to get the clicks to your SM posts are attractive images or interesting videos - keep in mind - the best video length is not extending 1:30 - 2 min.

SMO is a best way to promote your business or product. you can regularly upload your post like latest news, about your product, something new creativity etc.

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