How to increase our site traffic with SMO?

How to use social media for my business so that I can achieve max. traffic on my site?

Please share your idea?


You can share good post with interested topic on social media which help to people attract on that post from that they will visit on your website that provide good help to increase traffic

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Here are few tips to increase traffic for your website through SMO:

  • Create groups and communities on Facebook and Google + rather than pages.
  • Use trending Hashtag on Facebook,Twitter and G+ for your website theme
  • promote your content on Social networking websites.
  • Get Backlinks from forums, guest blogging websites as well as Web 2.0 sites.
  • Social widgets with each and every post.
  • Connect with professional friends and profile on social networking sites.

I’m never sure what “Web 2.0 sites” is meant to mean, but as for the other two suggests, I’m afraid that’s poor advice. Most reputable sites which allow user-generated content, follow Google’s guidelines and mark such links as nofollow, rendering them useless as backlinks. This advice also risks running foul of those guidelines, so I suggest you read them carefully:

You should also check Matt Cutts advice on guest blogging:


Hey @AminaMbaye

There are many ways through which you can increase your traffic through SMO. Here are some of the few strategies that i would like to share with you.

1] Facebook Traffic - You can join groups on facebook but make sure groups are genuine. Post regularly in groups, follow them and engage with your audience.

2] Twitter Traffic - Find trending topics on twitter, make maximum use of hash tags and join groups and engage with your audience.

I hope that will help you.

You have to share quality post, with intelligent “#keywords” at the good time…
Easy :smiley:

To increase the trafiic from SMO you have to post your website URL or blog post to each social communities, social groups, social pages and social profiles with following the right audiences.
i.e. Facebook page, Facebook groups, Google+ Communities, Google+ profile, Twitter Profiles, Linkedin profile and groups etc.

Simply posting a URL will not, in itself, drive traffic to your site. You need to engage with other people on social media - get them interested in you and what you do. Only if they find something interesting in what you’re saying on social media are they likely to want to know more and visit your site. If all you’re doing on social media is link-dropping, then you’re pretty much wasting your time.


There are many ways to increase site traffic using SMO. First, you must look for the social media sites that can bring real traffic to your website, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Create groups of community, write good quality content and share it on your social media accounts. Your followers will probably comment or like what you have been shared, so you have to be active, engage, and participate with them. By connecting with people in several online venues, you extend the reach of your business and increase chances for people to link to your main business page. It is really important to follow the right strategy to improve your site’s organic result, boost your SEO, and drive more potential customers to your site. I hope these things help you.

Good content and attractive images… directed at the intended audience… thats the whole science of it

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As of now no one could say how does quantity of like, views, visits or site traffic will drive that kind of max traffic that you are saying.
But one thing is for sure, If your content or the topic that you will be sharing is worth the read and something to help someone. It will surely drive traffic, likes, or views to your website.

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Yeah, because Content is King.

If you want to increase your site traffic with the help of SMO, I suggest you to follow these rules: be original, it means you should avoid posts or views which have been read earlier; all the content you posted on the sites should be relevant to the target audience and should be posted at regular intervals; keep sharing short and simple posts; be entertaining; follow uo all the comments, likes and shares on your posts by replying at the earliest.

There are many ways to do that!
You can create a Facebook profile and group and post interesting and unique information!
You can post pictures in your Instagram account!
Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest also will be useful and you can share your posts with other people there!
But you should remember, that people don’t want to read boring information, you must create something exclusive and exciting to attract their attention!
Also you can visit different blogs and forums!

according to me, you should regularly post some content over the social media pages which can give you good visibility.

Try to post relevant topics or content on social media pages of your site like facebook, twitter, google+ targeting relevant audience. It will really helpful in increasing traffic.

How do you go about targeting a relevant audience? Please explain this for the benefit of beginners.

To all posters: replies here are becoming rather vague and repetitive. Before posting, please check that you are genuinely adding something new to the topic, and ensure you explain how to implement any suggestions.



Everyone suggested very good tips to increase the traffic, apart from it you can also take the help of Paid Campaigns which can boost your post reach and could also help in getting traffic on your site as well.

Post links to other groups and on your profiles, and offer something for free.

Ask your friends and followers to visit your profile and share their opinion.

There are tons of things you can do, just do some research.