How to increase or maintain Page Rank


I have 2 sites with PR4 and one of them dropped to PR2. I really don’t know why is that?

I use the same seo strategies by submitting them to social bookmarking sites and article directories.

My question is,

How to increase and maintain Page Rank?

Thanks very much.

You are right, you have to play offense and defense simultaneously.

PR is not dependent to the competitors, PR has no concern with what your competitors are doing. competitors can only drop your keyword ranking by getting higher keyword rankings.

Answer to the Question:

  1. Keep working on your site contents with keywords and links.
  2. Work on your back links like forum posting, blog comments, directory, pr, etc etc

These two things are very helpful in order to increase the page rank.
But your question is that why your PR goes down? So it may be happened that some of your back links have been removed. back-links may be removed by the blog banning, forum accounts ban, blog comments removal or the removal of any paid campaign.

This has been discussed many times.

  1. Your site dropped because other sites got better than yours. So you have to keep working on your SEO.
  2. Keep working on your site contents with keywords and links.
  3. Work on your backlinks like forum posting, blog comments, directory, pr, etc etc
  4. You can’t stop what you are doing.

I agree…

you should also consider creating good traffic on your site aside from high PR

you need to continue on what you are doing because once you stop for awhile for sure your site’s ranking or pr will go down because of the competitive we have on the net.

Or in English…?

I agree…PR is a nice little stat, but it has virtually no effect on your traffic. Sure, a higher PR may help boost your search engine ranking, but I’ve seen sites with a PR 0 at the top of the results.

SEO is a process that’s never “finished”. Even if you’re in the top spot, you have to keep working, because there’s always someone who’s trying to overtake you. If you keep working at quality SEO tactics, you’ll be just fine.

Your PageRank (the little green bar and score) is ONLY a measurement of the quality and quantity of back links to your pages/site. If you only want to get this number higher, then get more back links.

If that number has recently dropped, then it’s normally a reflection that Google has done a recent back link audit and the number of back links to your site has been recalculated, or the quality of those back links has been devalued.

If you’re serious about SEO, you’ll forget about PR and concentrate on traffic.