How to increase my Website traffic and website ranking?


i’m regularly adding videos from youtube. but the video player is too short. iwanna increase the size(not full screen).
please tel me how to increase youtube player size on bloger.

Hey there, I couldn’t see the issue, but your site also has a lot of distracting popup ads etc. that are hard to get rid of and not very trustworthy, so I’ve removed the link.

It would be better if you could explain the problem in more detail and provide a demo of the problem without the link to your site. :slight_smile:



it’s okay any way thanks for the responce

could you please suggest me how to increase my Website traffic and website ranking

Hi, kasiviswa996.

The topic has changed from an HTML/CSS related question to a Marketing issue so I have moved it into the Marketing category and changed the title accordingly.

I would suggest that you use the magnifying glass icon in the top menubar and search this site for other questions related to site traffic and ranking. I’m pretty sure it’s a popular question that has been answered many times.


ohh …:scream:

im so happy m very much satisfied with your answers…
you ppl are amazing
thank you

Welcome to the forums, @kasiviswa996.

As @ronpat says, we have many threads discussing ways to improve traffic and ranking. Some recent ones are:

How to get more organic traffic to my blogger blog?

What are the best way to increase website traffic on country wise?

There is also an active discussion here:

I invite you to join that thread, and I’ll close this one, so we don’t duplicate the discussion and cause confusion. If you later have a more specific question which hasn’t been answered, please feel free to start a new thread.

If you’re new to SEO, then I highly recommend Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” as the place to start.

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