How to get more organic traffic to my blogger blog?

I have a blogger blog, but traffic is very low. So I need to know How to get more organic traffic to my blogger blog?

Keep on doing more onpage as well as offpage activities.

Including on page & off page activity, you need to have niche content on your blog .

I am also learning about this, but I guess you need to have a great content, plus a great social network around to boost your contents :slight_smile: This will take a lot of time.

Share you blog link through social media contacts. Let your friends and friends of your friends see what are writing about. If your information is helpful and interesting, they will share it. However, first of all you need to have very interesting and authentic material. If you do have, the 50% of the job is done.

Leave comments yourself and get some friends from other blogs ))

My take on this is to share you promote your site through social media. That way, you’ll be able to increase awareness since you rarely find anyone not being involved in social media these days… Other than that, you can also integrate an offerwall tool and display different offers to your visitors in exchange for cash. This strategy seem to work for me since my website’s traffic has increased after using it…:slight_smile:

Follow below points -

  1. Search Engine optimization(Off page SEO, single post optimization, keyword optimization) to drive traffic from various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

  2. Publish your blog posts to your Social Networking websites.

  3. Guest Blogging to get maximum exposure. (Though you should not try it only for SEO, try building some links with fellow bloggers similar to your niche) You will be able to drive traffic from their site to your site.

  4. Commenting on other blogs similar to your topics and niche.

  5. Creating a network of your posts into your post (i.e interlinking similar posts with another post) it will increase time spent on your site thus decreasing bounce rate.

  6. Try to have fast access blog and decrease web page load time as much as you can so that visitors will not get frustrated and switch to alternate site.

Thanks Bruce Mesnekoff

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To get more organic traffic you should post high quality and user friendly content in your post. Find what the searchers found on web related to your niche. After that you can plan your content and you should always try to write long content because content length matters. Long content is important to decrease the bounce rate and your user friendly content will help your readers to stay on your page.

You can get more traffic by implementation on page and off page activities daily. Also, links your are using fro these activities must be highly ranked. Your content of the articles must be clear and in proper sentences including keywords.

That’s not a very helpful reply to a beginner. You need to explain what you mean by these terms. What tasks should they be undertaking, and how should they do them?

Rather than simply listing multiple activities, it is much more useful to pick just one or two and describe them in depth.give some

Instagram - great place to get followers even though it can be saturated these days, follow other people related to your niche and as you gain followers back, post good pictures, short videos and content to build your reputation.

This same strategy can be replicated on many other social networks, especially twitter and FB although it takes longer to get followers. Creating unique articles, and other content, and posting it to ezinearticles and other sites will also get long term steady but slow traffic.

type “Your niche” into google and see what comes up, and for example if a Reddit page shows up for your niche, figure out how you can comment off it. Lots of traffic early on is siphoning traffic from other sites, as long as it is targeted to your page.

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