What are the best way to increase website traffic on country wise?

I would like to increase traffic country wise. I ve indian based ecommerce sites, i am really struggling to create traffic from India, for google campaign i cannot see that much conversions. Please advice

So you want real traffic from potential customer want to buy something from your website.
And if you can’t increase CR from google campaign. My be you have to optimize your website, your services or your products.
But what kind of struggling you are talking about? Like no increased traffic or it stays the same?
And what are you currently do to create traffic? You need to provide more information so anyone can help you better

Well, To get the conversions on your E-commerce website there are lot of factors you need to consider. Firstly you have to do proper On Page SEO that will helps you to get found by most of the visitors. You need to create high quality content related to your store, more quality content you can produce the more traffic you can drive to your website.
Apart from that you need to test your website for various factors like page speed, content quality, Check out pages and so on.
If you want to get conversion with your Google campaign the you need to keep on testing. A/B split testing is best to find out what works for you or what not. Create high quality landing pages with proper description to test out.

i am doing building backlinks and social media promotion now, but can you say how long it will take to get good visitors to my site ?

If you are using a .in domain, then Google will already recognise your target audience as Indian, but if you are using a “generic” TLD, like .com, you should set the geographic target in Google Search Console.

Building backlinks may well be a waste of time (it depends very much on exactly what you are doing). Links which you can place yourself will be pretty well useless for SEO, and may risk getting your site penalised. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en On the other hand, good quality, well-placed nofollow links may help drive traffic. This video is several years old now, but it gives several suggestions for earning links, which you might find useful.

Social media is meant for social interactions; if you are seen to be purely promoting, people will not be interested. Yes, of course you can use it to increase traffic, but it’s not an easy option. You need to find ways to engage with your audience and give them some kind of “added value” that will then make them want to go on and visit your site.

In a word - no. There are far too many factors involved for anybody to give you a definite answer to that. The best you can dois monitor visitor numbers and check whether or not they are increasing, to guage whether your efforts are successful. Be aware, though, that visitor numbers are not the whole story. Which would you consider more successful - an e-commerce site with 1,000 visits per day and a conversion rate (people making a purchase) of 10%, or a similar site with 500 visitors a day and a conversion rate of 25%?

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