How to increase my revenue for my Agency

Dear All,

I am currently thinking (for the past month) about any increasing my clients/revenue for my Translation Agency. How can I achieve this? There must be defiantly someone on this forum who has a vast experience in doing this.

To be honest, we already have had 2-3 long-term clients but we want to take it to the next level. There other agencies who have countless amount of works from prestigious clients (leading bank and other industry companies), how did they manage to achieve that.?

I was thinking about paying a marketing agency in Germany but I am wondering if that will work and how much it will cost (currently on a tight budget).

I will be translating the website into 10 languages, start our own blog while we already have twitter and LinkedIn integration and the website is highly attractive.

To put you into the picture daily website visits are of around 20-90 vists. Unique vistors from over 72 countries.

I was also thinking about publishing some ads on my website. If this is a good idea, shall I go for PPC or per impressions.?

Your Answers/Advice are highly appreciated.

Hi Azzbroker,

As a small business, before proceeding with any marketing plan or tactics, make sure your website has a prominent lead generation form together with a thank you page so that you can track which marketing channel, whether it’s PPC, blogging or SEO, is working for you.

Even if you are going to hire a marketing agency, focus your KPIs on the leads generated rather than on clicks or impressions because leads are the closest to generating revenue for your business.

Starting a blog and venturing into content marketing is good but you need to come up with a plan on converting blog readers into subscribers and then into leads or potential customers. You can read more about this here: and watch these videos:

I know the reply above might be a bit general but do ask me questions so I know where to dive deeper. :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help but your reply was too generic unfortunately.