Internet Marketing for a Translation Agency

Dear all,

I need a strong advice on how to internet market my new translation agency website: <snip/>… The aim is to attract new clients.

I do not know from where to start. However I have created a very professional cover letter which I have sent to 30 legal/engineering/financial firms across the UK.

Anyone can suggest how I can make my translation agency very successful? Much appreciated in advance.

The most important for you is to register on dedicated websites such as proz .com and similar websites, and apply for jobs there.
Optimize your website for search engines.
Run ads on Google.
Register on business directories, such as dmoz, yahoo, etc.
These are your first steps starting from most important.

Dear All Pros,

I would like to ask the above question… I have a translation agency <snip> and I am wondering if it has the potential to get me any new clients. I am asking this because it is the first time I have heard of SEO.

I have read about it and found sites such that offer packages… Should I buy them? Will they help? and how will they help me achieve my targets?

In the meantime can you suggest other SEO agencies that can provide me with a package?

Hi, yes SEO is most effective process for reached to client, but I think it’s long time process and google algorithms changes has made more difficult to achieve clients…I suggest that if you need more leads and business, you move to email marketing because it very beneficial for your business.

Hi , Thanks for your answer.

Do you have some sites in mind for email marketing?

Doing SEO for your site would attract traffic and hopefully those traffic would convert into your targeted client. SEO can be learned, Google is your friend :slight_smile:

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I suggest that if you need more leads and business, you move to email marketing because it very beneficial for your business

Email marketing has a small conversion and its difficult to perform with a normal results due to the complex spam filters.

When you search in google you will get a lot of different providers of email marketing like:


It depends how targeted your campaign is. If you’re just spamming every poor sod on a general list of email addresses you’ve acquired then you will get very few responses, and that’s still more than you deserve. But if you target your emails specifically to people and businesses who are likely to be interested in the type of services you are offering, conversion rates can be a lot better.

Social media marketing is a best way to improve your business. Create facebook fan page, Google plus page, twitter account to connect users and promote your business