Have you ever paid someone to increase conversions on your landing pages?

I want to get specific advice on how to increase conversions off my adwords landing pages. I’ve read a lot of general advice on blogs but I’d love to get an expert’s opinion on my specific pages. The problem is I don’t know how to go about finding the right person so I thought I’d ask what people recommend here.

Have you ever paid anyone to give you advice on increasing conversions on your landing pages?

If so how did it go?

Was it a good investment? Do you know any experts you would recommend?

I’m really nervous about spending money to get the advice that might not work out but I feel like increasing conversions is one of the best ways I can increase my profits.

I would rather suggest that you should create a better landing page! Put in some real luring content and tag lines! Re-design your webpage if possible and i guess that would improve the conversions on your landing page.

[FONT=verdana]If you search Google for “AdWords consultant” plus the name of your city or region, you’ll probably find several people or firms you could approach.

I’ve no idea how effective it would be. But the very fact that there are so many of these people suggests that hiring a consultant for this purpose is a normal thing to do.


Why not post your site here asking for reviews (as relates to conversion rates, not design)? Or you could try to optimize it yourself. I highly recommend the following books if you want to give it a shot:

Always Be Testing

Landing Page Optimization

Call to Action

I couldn’t agree better with beley… try it yourself because no one knows your site more than you… It’s all about testing… http://www.amazon.com/Call-Action-Formulas-Improve-Results/dp/078521965X was a very good read.

I have to agree with what has been said here so far. No one knows you’re page better than you. I definitely recommend trying to spice up your landing page and this will automatically increase the chances of conversions. Here is an article you might find helpful with some tips on creating a good landing page.

Best of luck!