How to improve my backlinks?

I built this website 8 months ago and i add it in google but there is a lot of backlinks is not showing in the search of google, also i have a lot of error in indexing and stuff! anyone can help? thanks.

PS: do i need to publish any link that i create in my website in the internet? like this per example:

It will be impossible for that, is there any solution to make them all backlinked automatically when they are generated?

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Your question is far to vague to get any constructive assistance, I think. Basically you are asking ‘How to I make my site good in Google?’ That a bit like asking ‘What can I do in life that works out really good ?’
You need to take specific issues like an example of a backlink that is not registered or a specific indexing issuue. It sounds like you are not familliar or comfortable with what you are doing so the best bet, in my opinion, is to address specific, demonstrable issues and then people can assist.

The question doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but to take the title of the question:-

You can’t really do anything with backlinks, as true backlinks are not yours to do anything with, they are created by some unrelated third party.
Any “backlinks” which are yours are not backlinks in Google’s eyes.

Here is a related topic that may interest you and save us the teduim of repeating all this once again:-

Well I would admire the topic shared by the user. You must check it out and I am sure you will get good stuff from it.

Now lets talk about your post I analyze your site, It has a total of 1k backlinks from 18 referring domains. Google has a procedure he didn’t count all links but just most relevant and authoritative ones for ranking purposes. To improve your site and to get more backlinks you need to improve your quality and website performance by solving indexing issues, such as crawl errors, duplicate content and low quality pages. These issues normally we ignore are the big reasons prevent google from indexing your pages and to count valuable backlinks. Make sure your site is crawlable and indexable you google, google will choose you automatically and so users will. Hey and one more thing also check sitemap and to submit and create it on google webmaster tools. Google Analytics is also a good way to analyze your site’s performance for improvement.

Are… you licensed to distribute the content this way? Somehow I dont think Disney is letting people distribute their movies for free…

Produce high-quality, easily shared content.

Write guest posts for respected websites in your industry.

Reach out to website owners to get links.

Visuals: Create movies and infographics for sharing.

Establish connections inside your industry by networking.

Participate in forums and impart your knowledge.

Promote material on social media to increase visibility.

Original Study: Disseminate enlightening Results.

Work together on projects and webinars.

Press releases: Disseminate updates that are newsworthy.

Resource Pages: Add content suggestions to pertinent lists.

Influencer collaborations: Take use of their reach.

Listings: Submit your business to reliable online directories.